Wellness Design, Outdoor Living Features Trend In New Residential Design Survey

Design and remodeling platform Houzz recently published its 2022 Summer Survey which measures popular search trends from the first quarter of the year to determine which homebuyer preferences are influencing purchasing decisions. In a post-pandemic market marked by increased focus on health and wellness, design features that maximize hygiene, comfort, and relaxation reigned supreme, Forbes reports.

Outdoor living spaces are still in high demand, while homeowners and buyers are also renovating or making purchases based on added functionality with extra storage and more practical lighting solutions. 

In its Styles Defined section, Houzz reports that Japandi kitchens have increased in popularity by 104% and Japandi bathrooms by 229%. Ja-what? Salt Lake City-based home design retailer Vevano Home gives a helpful definition of this fusion aesthetic: “Japandi interior design brings together the elements of Japanese and Scandinavian designs to create a home environment where beautiful simplistic functionality reigns and a connection to nature is essential.” Functionality and nature connections – often called biophilia – are both hallmarks of wellness design.

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