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Episode 12: Building Your Ideal Business While Preserving Your Valuable Time With Duane Johns

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Episode 11: Time To Move The Industry Forward By Empowering The Next Generation of Leaders With Cory Thomas-Fisk

Welcome back to Construction Executives live

As I mentioned last time, we have some page updates at US Construction Zone including adding all of our construction executives live previous recordings to the site along with a construction events page and trade organizations page.  We not only want to connect executives in construction, we want to provide valuable education and be a reference point to the entire industry. We have more exciting updates coming soon, so please stay tuned! We are also getting requests to sponsor our events, please inquire about our sponsorship opportunities at [email protected].

We have a great show for you today, called – Move the Industry Forward by Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders. Today, we will learn strategies & life skills to transition your team from the job site to the office. Understand these techniques from an experienced field supervisor & educator on how to make the jump in an efficient & compassionate manner.

Today’s speaker,Cory Thomas-Fisk, is the Program Founder of CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT ONLINE. Cory has been involved in almost every aspect of the Construction Industry – Federal/Tribal, Public Works, Commercial & Residential projects, working as a laborer, equipment operator, Field Engineer, Construction & Project Manager, Facility Director Executive, Private Consultant, Facilitator and an Education Advocate for over 18 years as a College Professor. Cory is a graduate of Texas A&M and she is passionate about changing the narrative and perception of the construction industry through education and awareness, elevating those who love the Construction Industry into fulfilling careers. Cory’s experience lends her a unique perspective and well-rounded approach to building professional & personal life balance strategies.

deborah peters

Episode 10: Fixing the People Problem in the Construction Industry with Deborah Peters

For generations the construction industry has struggled with high turnover rates, lack of loyalty, commoditizing our workforce and a general lack of care and heart for our team. Let’s make 2023 the year we change this for good!

Episode 9: Pushing Past the Norm: Sidestepping the Mind Game of Life with Phillip Lanos

Episode 9: Pushing Past the Norm: Sidestepping the Mind Game of Life with Phillip Lanos

Learn Phillip Lanos’ and Jeremy Owens’ personal story as they interview each other. They will teach you how to sidestep the mental traps we fall into such as: dead end jobs, finding love, taking risks, happiness, managing your time, trusting in your team, communicating, making decisions and judging ourselves and others.

Episode 1: Women in Construction

Building Connections by Breaking Down Walls

Episode 2: From Commodity to Collaboration

An invitation to transform how we work in the building industry. We will discuss strategies on how we can change the way we develop and converse with our team and labor force.

Episode 3: How To Solve Construction’s Branding Problem

Learn from industry experts, join the conversation and change the optics. We will discuss strategies on how we can transform branding across the industry.

#Growth4: Mindset & Sales Transformation in the Construction Industry

We will discuss strategies on growing your company and modernizing sales.

Episode 5: Is a Recession Coming? Time to Know Your Numbers!

Is a recession looming? Learn insights from industry experts and learn how understanding your financial numbers could prepare and equip you for upcoming challenges.

Episode 6: Seven Principles: Creating Success in the Construction Industry

Creating Your Success in the Construction Industry is an essential tool to help you achieve your goals. Henry Nutt shares relatable, relevant, engaging and life changing principles. He believes that if readers can understand and practice these principles with consistency and the appropriate mindset towards specific challenges, they can obtain their desired careers and aspirations.

Episode 9: Pushing Past the Norm: Sidestepping the Mind Game of Life with Phillip Lanos

Episode 8: How to Find and Retain Top Talent in Construction

Take control of your recruitment process so that you can take control of your business! Find the right people so that you can focus on the aspects of the business you enjoy and excel at. Learn from industry experts on how to find, vet, hire and retain top talent for your business!

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