The Top 10 Real Estate Markets of 2023 Are All Located in the South

The Top 10 Real Estate Markets of 2023 Are All Located in the South
Tue, 01/24/2023 – 11:45

These popular southern homebuying destinations offer robust job markets and a rising inventory of affordably priced homes

The U.S. housing market is rapidly correcting after years of competitive home sales and record price gains, but a few popular cities are still seeing strong growth at the start of 2023. All of the 10 best cities to buy a home in 2023 are located in the South, where migration gains and housing supply are on the rise, job growth is strong, and housing costs are still relatively affordable.

Topping the list of the most promising 2023 markets is the Atlanta metro area, home to a robust job market and a median home price of $371,200, just below the national median of $398,500, CNBC reports. 

A fast-growing tech hub with low unemployment, Raleigh has seen home prices increase by almost 30% since 2020. With a median home price near $500,000, it is the most expensive of the top 10 markets for 2023.

Dallas-Fort Worth is another emerging tech hub in the U.S., with job growth nearly twice as high as the national average, which was 3.4% for the year looking back from October 2022.

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