How Artificial Intelligence is Making Every Step of Preconstruction Easier


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the silent partner in preconstruction you probably never thought you needed. Now that AI has landed, it’s time to think of ways to introduce this technology to your process. 


Using AI in the pre-design stage can be helpful and powerful by providing an unbiased analysis of financial and market data to consider a project’s risk. AI can do a thorough review of these factors to help you decide if the project is workable or not. 

Design Development 

Design development is critical in preconstruction, and artificial intelligence can play a significant role. Before a project begins, AI can assist with thinking through high-level function and purpose elements, including energy efficiency or LEED requirements that drive the selection of building materials and suppliers.

Construction Documents

 AI-based tools can automate the process of extracting, analyzing, and processing data from construction documents. This can save you time and resources compared to the redundancy of traditional methods, such as manual data entry or spreadsheet calculations.

Bidding and Negotiation 

Trade contractors, general contractors, and building supply manufacturers can use AI to help assess project scope, find opportunities to pursue, analyze bidding strategies, and decide which projects clear the hurdle for success. Trade contractors can also use AI to streamline their bid processes, including automating takeoffs, and improving the speed of their decision-making by making it easier to decide the profitability of a project.  

Permitting and Approvals

This phase includes sending construction documents to the proper governmental agencies, where applicable, for review and approval. Artificial intelligence can be used in this phase to confirm building code compliance and manage the building permit process.

Ready to dive into the AI Pool? 

Takeoff Boost is the new artificial intelligence-based add-on feature for ConstructConnect On-Screen Takeoff® that automatically counts objects and performs area and linear takeoff measurements on your architectural floorplans. Takeoff Boost is an estimating software that can perform measurements in as quickly as 30 seconds and handle up to two pages of plans at once. This gives you more time to focus on what matters most—analyzing results, perfecting pricing, and winning more bids.    

Learn more about Takeoff Boost here.

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