How AI and Construction are Teaming Up

Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making huge strides in preconstruction, it’s also appearing in other construction areas, such as performance and safety improvements.  

Some examples include: 

Predictive maintenance.  AI can analyze data from building systems, such as HVAC and electrical systems, to predict when maintenance will be needed and prevent equipment failure.  

Site safety. AI-powered cameras and sensors (even some worn by workers) can monitor construction sites for potential safety hazards and alert workers and managers to possible dangers.  

Robotics. The efficiency of AI and machine learning have already found their way into robotic bricklaying, welding, and even building entire structures with the use of 3D printing.  

Project management. AI can improve labor and material allocation, making scheduling construction tasks more efficient and cost-effective.  

Quality control. AI-powered cameras and sensors can check the quality of construction work, find defects, and alert workers and managers to other issues that need to be addressed.  

Building performance.AI could analyze data from building systems to increase energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and other performance metrics. 

Combining Forces to Build a Better Workplace 

While it’s commonly feared that AI will replace humans in many current preconstruction roles, AI alone cannot replace human knowledge. When used correctly, AI can help offer strategic market insights, streamline day-to-day workflows, and help contractors and estimators make better data-driven decisions. 

Ready to dive into the AI pool?  

Takeoff Boost™ is the new artificial intelligence-based add-on feature for ConstructConnect On-Screen Takeoff® that automatically counts objects and performs area and linear takeoff measurements on your architectural floorplans. Takeoff Boost is an estimating software that can perform measurements in as quickly as 30 seconds and handle up to two pages of plans at once. This gives you more time to focus on what matters most—analyzing results, perfecting pricing, and winning more bids.     


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