Housing Market on Track to Moderate in 2022, Says Ivy Zelman

The stock market is seeing a mild slowdown at the start of 2022, and Ivy Zelman of Zelman and Associates predicts that the housing market could follow in its footsteps as interest rates move higher and more supply is added to regional markets with strong demand. 

December 2021 marked the sixth consecutive month of better-than-expected order activity across all price points, signaling market strength in the year ahead, CNBC reports.

Non-primary buyers are also flooding the market to flip existing homes for single-family rental supply as more unsuccessful buyers try their luck in the rental market. Monthly payments for entry-level buyers were up 14% Q4 in 2021, and a potential increase of 50 to 70 basis points could threaten affordability and lead to moderation in the 2022 housing market.

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