Guest Podcast – Garry’s Shortlist: Collaboration in Construction

In this episode CEO of OneStart Recruitment Garry Mansfield hosts Jeremy Owens of US Construction Zone (USCZ) on Garry’s Shortlist Podcast.

Jeremy Owens, CEO of Three Generations Improvement, has launched an exciting new venture that will have a HUGE impact on the construction industry globally.

US Construction Zone is a platform for connecting construction professionals (both in the US, and around the world!) so they can work together to find solutions and make big improvements in construction.

You may live and work on the opposite side of the globe to someone, but it’s likely you face the same struggles and hurdles in your industry every day.

I had Jeremy on the podcast this week to talk about all things construction – from labour shortages and safety, to what we think we can expect from 2022.

You can also check out US Construction Zone at and sign up to be a founding member.



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