12 Kitchen Trends That Won’t Make the Cut in 2023 

Come 2023, the all-white kitchen is out (“Monochromatic kitchens lack depth and visual interest”), upper cabinets have had their day (“Upper cabinets are going away. Beautifully styled open shelving is here to stay”), and faux finishes are passé (“For the discerning client, natural stone for floors, countertops, and backsplash is the only way to go”), according to the experts and interior designers Forbes asked to weigh in on kitchen trends for the coming year. Matte black hardware and herringbone backsplashes get a bad rap, too. Even the ubiquitous Carrera marble gets the thumbs-down:

This is another hot topic because Carrera marble, while beautiful and beloved by almost everybody, has become almost annoyingly omnipresent. So, in 2023, we’re likely to see a lot less of it. [Christopher Peacock, founder and CEO of Christopher Peacock] thinks homeowners can do better. 

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