The ultimate barrier system and sustainable wall solution from CENTRIA ®

MetalWrap from CENTRIA® is an insulated composite backup panel system that 

consists of two steel skins, permanently bonded to a poured-in-place foam insulating core. MetalWrap also provides thermal, air, water, and vapor barriers in a composite assembly. The MetalWrap Integrated and Long Span Series feature integral attachment systems for multiple materials, making these the perfect choices for mixed-medium exteriors.

The MetalWrap Integrated option includes the MR-100, Masonry, MR-300 and MetalWrap with Clips products, all recommended for use with 18-gauge minimum steel studs. This construction eliminates the need for conventional batt and board insulation, exterior gypsum, air barriers, vapor retarders and building wraps. The MetalWrap Long Span exterior composite wall panels provide a flexible option for applications that require direct attachment to steel girts up to 6’o.c. and has flexibility to be installed vertically or horizontally.

MetalWrap has several assemblies that pass NFPA 285 and the stringent requirements in IBC Chapter 26 and delivers performance in accordance with the most up-to-date and most-trusted versions of the energy code: IECC-2018 and ASHRAE 90.1-2019.

CENTRIA® backup wall systems are ideal for a variety of applications including sports arenas, hospitals, performing arts facilities, warehouses, and distribution facilities, delivering exceptional levels of versatility at the jobsite and beyond.

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