More Retirees Are Moving to Small Cities

New retirees are saying goodbye to large metropolitan areas and moving to smaller cities, a study by HigherAHelper reveals.

Nearly half a million people moved for retirement in 2020, with a large segment favoring sunny states like Florida and California, SmartAsset reports. 

Nearly 400,000 people moved for retirement in 2020, a study conducted by HigherAHelper found. While the study’s data showed that retirees are twice as likely to move to a new state than all other movers, more than a quarter of retirees who moved in 2020 chose to leave larger cities and metropolitan areas. Smaller cities often have lower costs of living than big cities, making them ideal for retirees on fixed incomes.

Florida cities garner high marks. It comes as no surprise that Florida is well represented in our rankings, especially near the top. The Sunshine State, which is known as a retirement haven, has five cities in the top 10 and a total of 10 cities in the top 25.

For a full list of the top 10 small cities for retirement …

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