About us

About us

The team at US Construction Zone feels deeply that it is not “About Us,” it is about YOU!  This platform is for professionals and executives in the construction industry and we want to hear from you with your thoughts, opinions and ideas.  Please contact us to provide feedback and learn more about USCZ by watching the video below or reading the founder’s Open Letter to the Industry.

USCZ provides construction industry leaders with a digital networking platform to share knowledge, discover pertinent content, and pursue growth, both professionally and personally. As we move forward into the future, it is our goal to work alongside decision makers in the construction industry to grow, not only in areas of commercial success, but in ways that will positively impact the construction industry and our communities for generations to come.

To establish a reliable digital networking platform for influential leaders in the construction industry to pursue growth, both personally and professionally.

Connection that promotes valuable business partnerships with peers in the construction industry and beyond
Collaboration that encourages innovative thinking, diverse perspectives, and an impact that extends beyond personal gain, but rather into communities and the industry as a whole.
Construction of a business that is built upon honesty, integrity, professionalism, and humanitarianism, aiming to collectively improve the industry and leave a lasting legacy


An Open Letter to the Industry

From childhood, I was raised with a deep appreciation for the construction industry, as well as an admirer of the outdoors, a believer in hard work, and with the mindset of an entrepreneur. I have always believed that where there is commitment to change for the better, passion for making a difference, and trust in the power of a collective effort for our industry, we will succeed. Please allow me to introduce US Construction Zone (USCZ)…

US Construction Zone is a digital networking platform that is designed for business management, entrepreneurs, decision makers, executives, leaders in the industry, and all those who aim to improve the field of construction. By offering a platform where pertinent information is carefully curated and available, expert knowledge and innovative ideas are shared, and networking with those in specific and broad areas of the construction industry offers value, USCZ aims to greatly enhance the construction industry as we know it. USCZ is ideal for opening doors for larger industry growth, collective humanitarian efforts, and utilizing technology in a way that moves us into the future where we are more closely connected by our common works, in spite of our distance. 

US Construction Zone is a product and vision for what our industry can become if we make the choice to work together for advancement of, not only our own businesses, but for the industry as a whole. Over the past three years, thoughtful analysis and guidance from industry experts has been gathered to maximize the value of USCZ. We knew that with improvements in technology, the opportunity for collaboration across our nation was at its best and, as visionaries, it was crucial that we take the next step to build a platform that allowed for growth for all businesses in our field. 

US Construction Zone offers leaders in our industry a digital landing zone where influential professionals can offer and ask for advice, share experiences that will eliminate the need to ‘reinvent the wheel,’ encourage one another with helpful recommendations and information, promote career opportunities, and accept the challenge to grow better businesses and give back to the community. It is time for leaders in this industry to face challenges together and benefit from gaining valuable insight from the brightest minds in construction! 

A vision can only go so far as those willing to put in the effort into making it a reality. We need YOU to help build our online community together – real people, real businesses, a real digital platform constructed BY the industry FOR the industry! We are also seeking valuable strategic and diverse partnerships, as well as charity organizations, to be a part of this community so that we have all the tools and resources available to create the compelling transformation that this industry needs.  While I have 3 generations to guide me in this process, I cannot rely on my experience alone. I will lean on my fellow peers for guidance, direction, and support as together, we customize US Construction Zone. With the website in place, tools can and will be added to ensure that we leave this industry better than we found it. Please join me as we make the commitment to connect, collaborate, and construct a stronger, more sustainable, and giving industry!


Jeremy Owens



3rd generation in the construction industry, owner of 3 Generations Improvements



Owner of 3 Generations Improvements, specializing in client relationships, writing & negotiating




Specializing in start-up success & bridging media with technology

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